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From: "Reuben Finch" <reuben.finch@...>
Subject: #gentoo-uk banning complaint
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 02:39:11 +0100
Dear All,

I am becoming increasingly tired of being banned out of #gentoo-uk in
freenode IRC. I would like to make it clear that apparent, threats made by
me were hypothetical and I have done nothing to threaten the annual 2006
Event in anyway shape or form. 

Neither have I emailed any of my contacts at Universities putting Gentoo
down in anyway. The topic remains slanderous against me in the channel, and
many people have agreed by private message in IRC I have done a good job.

As a matter of fact, personally with my time and money, it has cost me
"Personally" around £1,200.00 ($2,000.00 USD) to organize the last 2004 &
2005 event.

Please do not get me wrong, there was a misunderstanding and I encouraged
regional events at the end of the last of the 2005 Annual event, however I
came up against people making "unjustified complaints" about me and private
messaging Stuart complaining about me and he now has me on /ignore in IRC.

I have been compassionate and tried to help Gentoo, however this attitude
really needs to cease against me. It is very unfair. I put a lot of time and
money into making the events work. The last thing we need is for this to

Besides, it is not doing anyone any favours, plus I have "not" emailed Dr
Young or Professor Owen LeBlanc slandering Gentoo.

I strongly urge this dispute to be handled diplomatically. What it the point
in "Burning one's Bridges?".

Kind Regards,
Reuben Finch 


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Re: #gentoo-uk banning complaint
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Re: #gentoo-uk banning complaint
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