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To: gentoo-project@g.o
From: Alex Alexander <wired@g.o>
Subject: Re: Returning Developer: Ben "yngwin" de Groot
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2012 21:28:58 +0300
<p>On Apr 28, 2012 9:13 PM, &quot;Markos Chandras&quot; &lt;<a href="mailto:hwoarang@g.o">hwoarang@g.o</a>&gt; wrote:<br>
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&gt; Hash: SHA512<br>
&gt; Hi all,<br>
&gt; I am pleased to announce the return of a Gentoo developer. Ben<br>
&gt; &quot;yngwin&quot; de Groot is joining us from Suzhou, China and he will be<br>
&gt; joining the Qt team. Here is how he describes himself:<br>
&gt; &quot;I am a Dutchman and was a Gentoo developer from 2008 to 2010, when I<br>
&gt; emigrated to China. I thoroughly enjoy teaching English at a local<br>
&gt; college here in &quot;the Venice of the East&quot;, and have no plans of leaving<br>
&gt; (rather the opposite). I hope to apply some of the (cross-cultural)<br>
&gt; people and leadership skills I have acquired to my contributions to<br>
&gt; Gentoo.<br>
&gt; As before I am very interested in Qt applications, and I hope we will<br>
&gt; be able to make Razor-Qt a viable alternative to KDE, just like LXDE<br>
&gt; and XFCE are on the GTK+ side.<br>
&gt; I am also glad to see that the Gentoo Wiki is taking off, which I helped<br>
&gt; initiate before I retired. I plan to cooperate with users and developers<br>
&gt; to improve our documentation, in its various forms.&quot;<br>
&gt; Please give him a warm welcome!<br>
&gt; - --<br>
&gt; Regards,<br>
&gt; Markos Chandras / Gentoo Linux Developer / Key ID: B4AFF2C2<br>
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&gt; Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (GNU/Linux)<br>
&gt; p6IiO0c27oiN5936q6DUGOdnGUSsP6u9W08oGdZTCC/d8Y+KUSvzAMhaf4lrnAgM<br>
&gt; q/SawW0hwk3Nqdd1qCNl5dThQG/L11eSzseSgOZTlwrajjVwJvR9fFStR6wQaiiI<br>
&gt; QkOz86hjtY1tGtM+FksIMTFJz+FPTnibTksRKG6M/bnGohTGVw3ugH1WRFFGWhRV<br>
&gt; ApZegeUQNXk2JlEzZLNKq943qVWDHtF5P6I9COUgjs+z6v4J5+oVKTROm4EiKhP1<br>
&gt; PU/1b7Y1CzQmFrdWblvg11aLvptCnBrtFrLsV/znM6xj48MXz3EGUlyBSgU+J5xd<br>
&gt; ryUiDH6MB4flrrS5l+ze2XZy1BCX+sn06Fkj/2w7vRJ/Uoikx1tjGdpE7+QwfnxH<br>
&gt; GCSZoC4A6Nm6lEHTDlcfaSiygHaAJqGESHMX2c+TvS+FA2/45DArbMMqActvBRYb<br>
&gt; EBaFiv4zwfuDdJBM2Kt8VKDfbNoqLMH4KKiaQYC8qsXEjroCGgUP7ns4UM+Jk+JT<br>
&gt; 0TVlUdO7HeIMfa0HUTpR9mDKeX5loSL3E9r7DJGIwZjdHn+wOGeV+bOEKLgkAo2z<br>
&gt; 8JxeUxUGglk+iXbk65kmVwREcyeyMGLDwdfodafDY5F8CrwmQObkhgkXoXgf/Vu5<br>
&gt; T4qgZkL1Rs+WOxTLrsXM<br>
&gt; =nZoB<br>
&gt; -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----</p>
<p>welcome back Ben!</p>
Returning Developer: Ben "yngwin" de Groot
-- Markos Chandras
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