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From: "Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto" <jmbsvicetto@g.o>
Subject: Re: Should DevRel members be in Council?
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2011 01:25:38 +0000
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On 15-08-2011 02:19, Samuli Suominen wrote:
> On 08/14/2011 10:01 PM, Mike Frysinger wrote:
>> this has come up multiple times in the past as a concern, but in
>> practice has never been an issue.
> constant problem with devrel bugs lately, with people having such 
> powers, acting as if they didn't need to listen to other anymore 
> (including members from his own team)

I understand you may not agree with all or some of DevRel decisions and
I don't think we've ever claimed all decisions are reached by an
unanimous vote, but all DevRel members are addressed when an issue is
brought up to a vote and all are expected to vote and express their opinion.
All members are trusted and expected to make up their own mind in a
reasonable manner, hearing the case and giving a chance for parties to
explain themselves and or present their arguments. This doesn't mean
individual members should have no background on an issue and or a prior
opinion, only that they need to keep an open mind and take into account
latest developments, nor that they will have to change their opinion to
satisfy anyone else's desires.
Since the decision and the cast of votes are being published in the
conclusion of the issues, the wider community has access to some
information that should help form an opinion on how DevRel is working.

>> if members feel like there's going to be a conflict from 
>> themselves, they can recuse themselves. this has happened once or
>> twice.  i dont see any value in laying out red tape for an issue
>> that has never caused a problem.
> in developer relation bugs, the accused should also be allowed to
> recuse such double members; as
> "i'm not saying this as devrel member but..." "i'm not saying this as
> council member but..."
> is constantly being used as weapon by selected people, making the
> whole process of devrel unfair when other members get semi ignored

When a Gentoo developer that is both a DevRel member and is serving a
term in Council acts in a bug, clearing in what role he/she is
intervening should only help clarify his intervention - I don't see how
that can be "used as a weapon".
If there is any doubt about any comments I may have made in the last
year and in which I expressed in which role I made the comment, let me
make it clear that the intention was just to clarify in which role I was
intervening - there were no "second intentions" in such comments.

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