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From: "Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto" <jmbsvicetto@g.o>
Subject: Re: New developer: Thomas Chvatal (scarabeus)
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008 11:55:10 -0100
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Petteri Räty wrote:
> Joining us from Prague, Czech Republic we have Thomas "scarabeus"
> Chvatal. Probably one of the drinking buddies of Caster but also one of

Congrats for your official hat Thomas.
Now that you have the hat and access to gentoo-x86, I'll let you have
even *more* fun with the 350 open bugs ;)

> the forces behind getting KDE 4.2 in the main tree. When not loosing his
> hair battling with cmake, Thomas likes to play airsoft and drink more
> beer with his friends. Somewhere around office hours he is a
> tech/teacher for a university there. Now if you think GNOME is way
> better than KDE, please tell scarabeus. Also please let him know how
> many times plasma has crashed for you recently (quite a few here).


if you were to ask about nepomuk, I would have to acknowledge that it
does crash every time I turn my +kdeprefix box down :\ But plasma
doesn't crash here :P

> Regards,
> Petteri

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Jorge Vicetto (jmbsvicetto) - jmbsvicetto at gentoo dot org
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New developer: Thomas Chvatal (scarabeus)
-- Petteri Räty
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