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To: gentoo-project@g.o
From: "Dominik Riva" <slalomsk8er@...>
Subject: A proposal to get out of this mess
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 02:11:45 +0100
<span class="postbody">Hi Gentoo-Project,<br><br>Let me first introduce myself to you.<br><br>I am known in the forum as Slalomsk8er and I am the one that started <a href="">
</a><br>because I believe documenting is better then </span>whining. Besides that, I am a webmaster and server administrator for a living. If you know the Swiss political system you will soon understand why this proposal comes to you from Switzerland.
<br><br>Now to the Problem at hand:<br><br>This organisation is not able to do any thing then producing code at the moment and this is what produced that mess.<br><br>The offer from drobbins and the community that wants you by a big 90% to take him by his offer.
<br><br>The developers that don&#39;t like his offer because of his style to handle volunteers that don&#39;t share his point of view.<br><br><br>So what to do:<br><br>Decline his offer!<br><br>Forget the Foundation - it is as dead as it can get legal. (how long can Gentoo wait till the assets get lost?)
<br><span class="postbody"><br>Let the community vote on a constitution for the council. (One from the developers and as much others that have a substancial backing from the community. In Switzerland we normally can vote for 2 to 3 versions of a &quot;hot iron&quot; 
<a href=""></a>)<br><br>A new </span><span class="postbody">council</span> of 5 persons gets voted that stands under the rules of the new Gentoo constitution by the community at large.
<br>(Yes they will vote drobbins in if the likes to accept his nomination in the light of the new rules)<br><br><br>Why I think this drastic steps are needed:<br><br>Gentleman, you screwed big time and the community is pissed!
<br><br>The Gentoo-Project at large lost a lot of trust and credit in the eyes of the community.<br><br>Hell, I would not even trust a Gentoo-Foundation trustee to feed my pet snails while I am on a vacation!<br><br>The community will backup the drobbins that the active developers and some forum veterans that spoke at 
<a href=""></a> don&#39;t want back in charge for what sounds like good reasons.<br><br>The current situation could, if all goes wrong, lead to a fork. I believe with my knowledge of Gentoo and considering the nature of the Portage-Tree at the heart of this distribution, that this could be the doom for both forks. I have a vivid fantasy and it shows me dropped architectures, invisibility at distrowatch and a dwindling user count. And I don&#39;t share the opinion of 
<span class="genmed">AllenJB that: </span>If the users leave, there&#39;s still the developers and live goes on at Gentoo.<br>New developers need to come from somewhere and fast, as it looks like most developers leave after ~2 years.
<br>And the nature of Gentoo&#39;s Portage has it that every ebuild wants his maintainer and they are called developers.<br><br><br>One last thing in my own interest:<br><br>Please fill in the gaps at <span class="postbody">
<a href=""></a> with your internal knowledge.<br>The community needs all information&#39;s it can get if it has to vote. This geeks want to know that what they do to there beloved distribution is the right thing to do.
<br></span><span class="postbody"><br>
<br>Regards, Dominik Riva<br></span>
Re: A proposal to get out of this mess
-- Wernfried Haas
Re: A proposal to get out of this mess
-- George Prowse
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