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To: gentoo-science@g.o
From: Rafael Goncalves Martins <rafaelmartins@g.o>
Subject: Re: g-octave
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2011 12:36:16 -0300
On Sun, Sep 18, 2011 at 12:21 PM, Juan Aguado <juantxorena@...> wrote:
>> Do you know how much "members" the "gentoo octave" project have?
> My guess is that theres is only one or none.
>> Each sentence you write make this more obvious.
> Whatever you say.
>> 1) You DON'T need to use Github to update the package database.
>> There's a big and shiny warning on this section of the docs saying
>> that end-users don't need to read. Just do it if you want to help
>> other users. Use the --scm option of g-octave, and package.keywords to
>> unmask the scm packages you want to install.
>> 2) You DON'T need to use --sync at all, g-octave can install packages
>> from octave-forge SVN repository with the damn --scm option.
> I don't want to install the svn packages from octave-forge repository. I want to install the lastest stable packages from octave-forge. Which is something I cannot do unless I follow some instructions in the docs that, as an end user, I'm not supposed to read.
>> 3) stable releases of g-octave comes with a package database, that is
>> installed by 'emerge --config'. We do this for security reasons. The
>> live version obviously don't comes with a package database, then you
>> need the '--sync' option to get one from github.
> So I can't use the lastest stable versions of octave-packages unless I use the unstable and masked software and somebody manually mantains an external database. I can't see how this is easier for the end user.
> Thanks for your time, but I think is easier, faster and better for me if I mantain my own ebuild-based repo.

Oh, then you think it's easier to create a ebuild-based repo from
scratch than run 2 scripts that automatically update the package
database, and send me a pull request?

Awesome! Then go ahead please.

Rafael Goncalves Martins
Gentoo Linux developer

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Re: g-octave
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