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To: gentoo-sparc@g.o
From: Steven Farmer <steve@...>
Subject: Re: Ultra 10 CPU replacement?
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 11:42:46 -0700
>>>>> "Jameel" == Jameel Akari <jakari@...> writes:

    Jameel> On Mon, 29 Nov 2004, Steve Farmer wrote:
    >> I've found some cheap CPUs that appear to be Ultra 5 pulls,
    >> part numbers 501-5039 (270 MHz) and 501-5148 (360 MHz).  I've
    >> looked at some of the Sunsolve docs, but since I don't really
    >> know the part number of my Ultra 10 system board it's not at
    >> all clear to me if these CPUs will work for me.

    Jameel> Nobody replied that I noticed, so I'll chip in.  Ultra-5
    Jameel> and Ultra-10 systems use the same system boards.  So the
    Jameel> CPUs should be interchangable.

Indeed, both the 501-5148 (360 MHz) and 501-5039 (270 MHz) modules
work in my Ultra 10.  Many thanks to everyone for their advice.


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Ultra 10 CPU replacement?
-- Steve Farmer
Re: Ultra 10 CPU replacement?
-- Jameel Akari
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