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To: gentoo-sparc@g.o
From: Gustavo Zacarias <gustavoz@g.o>
Subject: Re: Anyone using sparc/sparc64/2005.1?
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 11:50:25 -0300
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Paul Heinlein wrote:

> I saw something on the web the other day about the 2005.1 profile, but
> it didn't sink in until this morning that I ought to check my systems to
> see if they're current.
> I'm using 2005.0, and it looks like the only difference between it and
> 2005.1 is the latter's addition of a few default USE flags.
> So, is there any good reason not to move to 2005.1?

At some point the 2005.0 profile will be deprecated, but not yet.
Basically yeah, they're almost the same, just forcing "gstreamer" USE
since it's a better backend for totem than xine atm and just minor stuff
like that - nothing earth shattering and no special considerations are
needed to upgrade.
Real work is being done in the dev/ profiles and no, i wouldn't
recommend switching blindly there. I'll be posting experimental stages
to use against that with a brief comment on what's new, what breaks,
what it fixes and other considerations.

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Gustavo Zacarias
Gentoo/SPARC monkey
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Anyone using sparc/sparc64/2005.1?
-- Paul Heinlein
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Anyone using sparc/sparc64/2005.1?
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Anyone using sparc/sparc64/2005.1?
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