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To: <gentoo-trustees@g.o>
From: "Daniel Robbins" <drobbins@g.o>
Subject: RE: Losing access to
Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 15:11:20 -0600
> Yes, I agree that we should.  On the other hand, your status 
> with Gentoo is still fuzzy

In what way? Is this really an issue with me being unclear? I have explained
several times that I need to be able to access my spam rules and continue to
use drobbins@g.o.

Are you reading something else into the fact that I want to maintain my
drobbins@g.o email address, like maybe that I really don't want to
leave, or am planning to have some involvement in the NFP? I am only
guessing here, trying to understand what I perceive as very strange behavior
on the part of -infra.

> so personally I'm not sure what 
> your needs and expectations are, but they are obviously not 
> being met.

I think I've explained them very clearly. Can you restore my access to so I can maintain my spam rules, which I rely on to not get
pummelled by tons of spam? You are aware that "drobbins@g.o" is
plastered all over the Internet, in my IBM dW and Intel articles, etc. etc.
This results in a a lot of spam. I periodically need to check for false
positives and update my spamassassin rules. As spamassassin is currently
active on my account (and I'd like to keep it this way to keep my email
productivity high) I do need to maintain my spam rules. Otherwise I am not
able to maintain my spam rules, and thus continue to use my email address
over the long term.

> You officially retired from the project and from 
> development, and announced that you had unsubscribed (or 
> would need to be unsubscribed, I can't remember) from all of 
> the mailing lists, but would still need the email access.

Yes, I did officially retire from my development role on the project, and as
Chief Architect. I also worked with Deedra regarding my subscriptions to the
various lists I have been on.

> We have procedures in place for when developers retire 
> much like you did, and they were followed (except for leaving 
> your email access, which in every other case would have 
> been terminated as well).

OK, but Corey, I am not just a "developer," and I also need to continue my
work to get this NFP set up, which is a process that takes time, and which I
am actively involved. I am also continuing to run the Gentoo store, right?, yes? Not many developers continue to run the Gentoo Store,
or are involved in setting up the official Gentoo NFP, are they? So, is it
in any way unreasonable or surprising that a email address is a
bit of a no-brainer here? Like I said earlier, maybe it's best to get
everything written down in an official agreement to avoid any confusion.

> This sounds like more a misunderstanding or miscommunication 
> of expectations to me, not a matter of acting in bad faith.

OK, in that case, can you or Kurt put your email replies on hold and take
5-10 seconds of your time to restore my access to I'm still
locked out.



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