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To: gentoo-trustees@g.o
From: Paul de Vrieze <pauldv@g.o>
Subject: Re: store and foundation
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 19:43:21 +0100
On Thursday 18 November 2004 18:06, drobbins wrote:
> So it is true store has a long track record of helping Gentoo and even the
> Foundation (by paying for it to get set up ) -- but does not yet have a
> track record of sending money directly to the Foundation. Now that the
> Foundation is finally getting a bank account, this seems like something
> that can be fixed. Also, it can be fixed *faster* if you let people know
> about these DVD products, as I have only sold *2* of them so far and I know
> that more people are interested than that. So this would seem like a good
> time to continue to help one another, working towards a goal of having a
> successful store that is a great asset to the Foundation. Keeping me
> interested in adding new and interesting products to the Store is
> definitely in the best interest of the Foundation, and I seriously doubt
> you'll find another Store with the ability to add the type of products that
> I can.
> I don't know how many other stores would create their own
> never-before-released software like the Gentoo DVD, and I have interest in
> doing more of this kind of thing in the future. I hope to continue doing
> this, if we keep smiling at each other. I like friendly people.

Let me say that I hope we will be able to continue to do so. From the 
foundation's point of view we need to look at the status of the shop. 
Currently the shop is the "official" gentoo shop. I think this status can 
continue given that the shop also benefits the distribution in some way. A 
cut of the profits (in whatever way defined) is such a way.

Of course you are the person who started the distribution, that gives you an 
advantage over others that want to sell gentoo stuff, or even want to manage 
the "official" shop. At some point however this relationship must be set in 
something more solid than promises and history, and some kind of contract 
(whatever) probably needs to be created making clear what the 
responsibilities of the foundation and the shop are.

For example, what would we do when someone came to the foundation with the 
request to buy (for selling on) "official" gentoo DVD's. Those DVD's that you 
made. We cannot just say "it's OK" without involving you. This case did not 
happen yet, but can we require you to sell them on for wholesale prices? 
Probably not. Or to license the artwork for a reasonable price? Same story

I like you, but I think that some solid legal work can help continue the 
relations in a friendly way.

> I really am trying to express something more than the fact that Kurt and I
> have a hard time getting along. You know this already. What I am thinking
> is that maybe rac would be interested in helping the Store better meet the
> needs of everyone (that includes me *and* the Foundation) and acting as a
> kind of official helper/ombudsman in this regard. He has the desire to
> help, and I get along really well with him. He motivates me to continue
> pushing forward and improving the store. And frankly, if you need to have a
> serious discussion with me, you need to make sure that Kurt is *NOT* the
> one to initiate any new topics with me. Yes, probably didn't exactly
> volunteer to broach the subject (maybe the only one who was bold enough to
> actually say something?) but c'mon, get a clue people. That's why I'm
> suggesting rac as a good liaison person for Foundation/Store issues. I
> trust him to look out for everyone, I get along with him and hopefully you
> can also talk to him more easily.

I've got no problem with Rac, although talking directly might be better.


ps. I don't mind that much how "revenue" gets to the foundation. Be it a 
percentage of revenue, a fixed amount per product, or even a percentage of 
net profit. My main point is that the position of the shop probably needs 
more clarity. What can the shop expect from gentoo, and what can gentoo 
expect from the shop.

Paul de Vrieze
Gentoo Developer
Mail: pauldv@g.o
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RE: store and foundation
-- drobbins
RE: store and foundation
-- drobbins
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