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To: <gentoo-trustees@g.o>
From: "drobbins" <drobbins@g.o>
Subject: apology to kurt, trustees. store plans
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 00:23:35 -0700

I have been through a lot of garbage on this project, and the tendency is to
store up the past slights and wrongs, then when something relatively minor
happens, have it trigger all of that past pain and anger. My reaction to the
store issue was in this vein -- clearly misguided and overblown in a big
way. Thank God I can see that now. Apologies to all trustees for this, and
thank you for patiently putting up with my behavior.

Also, what I said about Kurt in past emails was an honest expression of my
viewpoint. But the things I said about him were not said from a loving or
helpful perspective, so shame on me for saying them. 

I was trying to be brutally honest. But I don't know if it is possible to be
both brutal and honest at the same time. If I'm to be truly honest, I have
to also admit that I'm certainly not perfect either. If I'm not perfect,
what right do I have to judge someone else against the standard of
perfection? Kurt, I owe you an apology for putting you through the ringer in
previous emails. Thank you for not responding in kind.


Trustees: In the future, please try to keep me more informed regarding your
concerns about the store. I will keep you informed of how the store is
benefiting the Foundation, on the store Web site and also via -trustees
posts as necessary. If you have any questions about the store, please ask

More importantly, I think a lot of the trustees had the impression that I
really have not been very concerned with the welfare of the Foundation. You
are right. I resigned from this project with a bad taste in my mouth, and
this killed any genuine desire I might have had to help the Foundation. I
certainly was not actively looking for ways to help the Foundation. And I
now see and appreciate the dilemma you were in.

As of now, I do have a desire to help, and I will do my part to help. I want
to help because it is in both our interests to help one another, and it is
really unpleasant and unnecessary for us to work against each other. 

I also enjoy running the Store. And, on a fundamental level, my
justifications for being bitter about my parting from this project are just
not resonating with me anymore.

My plans for the next week:

1) Sending a $500 check to Kurt for the Foundation so that the Foundation
can open a bank account.

2) Getting a report online which shows donations + other foundation money as
of Sept 9 -> Present, and where the money is going, and if the money hasn't
gone anywhere then what's left over. I will keep this updated monthly.

3) $3 for each DVD set is now being set aside for the Foundation, in
addition to donations.

Into the medium-term future, I will:

1) continue to expand products being covered by the "$x to the Foundation"

2) provide additional money beyond donations to the Foundation. I intend for
this to cover the glut in Store->Foundation support from the time I resigned
from Gentoo up through September.

3) Work with rac to continue to add products to the Store.



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