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To: gentoo-trustees@g.o
From: Sven Vermeulen <swift@g.o>
Subject: Advertisement requests
Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 13:52:16 +0200
Hi all

As you have noticed, Gentoo frequently (almost on a weekly basis iirc)
receives requests for advertisement space on the Gentoo website. Until now,
all such requests to www@g.o have been answered like so:

  We are currently not looking for additional revenues through
  The advertisements you find on our webpage are donated to the respective
  companies as a thank you or trade for their continuous support to the
  Gentoo project (hardware donations, bandwidth, ...).

Some requests however propose a continuous support to the Gentoo project. 

My personal opinion has always been to decrease the advertisements on the
Gentoo website itself and make the Sponsors [1] page more accurate with the
current sponsoring (the page is currently a bit outdated).

To facilitate the maintenance of the Sponsors page I have started
documenting the current sponsoring (who sponsors what). Based on this
(hopefully to become) complete information I would draft a guideline what we
see as a Sponsor.

Others would be then called "Contributors". Currently contributors are not
shown on the Gentoo website since many contributions happen through PayPal
donations. Would it be feasible to have all PayPal contributions (and
others) listed automatically somewhere (like in KDE's donations page [2])?

If so, we might want to put up such a "Contributions" page on which not only
PayPal contributions but also other, non-Sponsoring contributions are

In short, my questions are:
- Do we find it feasible to have a contributions page?
- Should be decrease (or even nullify) the advertisements on the Gentoo
  website (and therefore denying all advertisement requests)?

      Sven Vermeulen


  Documentation project leader - Gentoo Foundation Trustee

  The Gentoo Project   <<< >>>
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