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To: gentoo-trustees@g.o
From: Corey Shields <cshields@g.o>
Subject: Re: Bylaws & 501(c)(3) filing
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 08:36:30 -0500
Forgot the link..  sorry:

(original seems to be down, there's the google cache)


On Wednesday 30 June 2004 08:32 am, Corey Shields wrote:
> bah..  replied to this once but forgot to change the profile on my mailer
> so it bounced..  let me try again
> On Tuesday 29 June 2004 05:43 pm, Nicholas Jones wrote:
> > c6 is a trade association, while c3 is a charity or something
> > to that effect. The trade associate does not have any tax
> > benefit for donations and thus doesn't lend to much interest
> > in massive donations. The ability to write off a product at
> > it's marketed price for tax purposes is nice.
> I read something last night[1] about having 2 organizations in tandem, the
> parent a c6 and the subsidiary a c3 (which could accept and funnel
> donations).  This may be an avenue down the road if we see it necessary.
> With that possibility in mind, I'd be much happier about a c6.
> > I believe the reasons Daniel stated for getting C6 as opposed
> > to C3 was that it is more legitimate. There are a lot of filing
> > for C3 status that are not legitimate, but do get approved
> > even without being a for-charity association.
> I don't look at organizations differently based on their IRS status.  If
> anything, c3's use it to their advantage when asking for donations.
> > Seeking more legal opinion on our chances of this is WELL
> > worth the cost, in my opinion. We are _far_ more legitimate
> > than many of the types of groups that are appoved of regularly.
> > Strictly speaking, Gentoo isn't a charity, but if we are
> > approved and don't pose a for the status to be removed
> > from us, I don't see a problem with it.
> I've already been doing this, but for some reason most lawyers don't like
> to give their advice for free.    We need as many "second opinions" as we
> can get though.
> Cheers!
> -C

Corey Shields - Gentoo Linux Infrastructure Team

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Bylaws & 501(c)(3) filing
-- Corey Shields
Re: Bylaws & 501(c)(3) filing
-- Nicholas Jones
Re: Bylaws & 501(c)(3) filing
-- Corey Shields
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