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To: Ulrich Plate <plate@g.o>
From: Grant Goodyear <g2boojum@g.o>
Subject: Re: Next GWN
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 22:47:43 -0500
> I'm trying to get in gear for next week's GWN, and I'd like to cover
> what we've been discussing on -core in a double-whammy sort of way: The
> main news section should carry a nice little article about the transfer
> of the copyright to the Foundation and the legal implications of that
> move, sort of a general wrap-up of everything that's been going on at
> Foundation level, including the transition of power over the store, the
> new trustees' agenda for the coming year and so on. It doesn't have to
> be long, but I'd be really grateful if you could do that for us, or get
> one of the other trustees to write something. 

I'm sorry, I just don't have the time to do it justice right now,
although I'll pass this e-mail on to the trustees in case anybody wants
to step up.  I'm happy to answer any questions, but somebody else will
have to write the actual press release.

> As to Daniel's new employment, I'm going to ask him for an interview,
> with questions inspired by what he said last night in #gentoo-dev. The
> idea his to give him an opportunity for a personal statement, rather
> than us stating it for him. I'm sure his answers will help defuse the
> whole stupid "OMG we're selling out" type of atmosphere that's been
> reigning over the more irrational parts of the community. 

It's a good idea, although my suspicion is that by the time the GWN
comes out things will have diffused appropriately.  We've had a nice bit
of press about the issue from nearly-reputable sources, and some of the
facts have even been correct!

> I also wanted to tell you that I was really impressed by your message
> to -core. There aren't many devs on that list who'd know how to
> apologize for anything at all, you know... Thanks a lot!

*Grin*  You're quite welcome, although I also think you're a bit
cynical.  Over the last however-many years I've seen quite a number of
good apologies on -dev and -core!

Grant Goodyear	
Gentoo Developer
GPG Fingerprint: D706 9802 1663 DEF5 81B0  9573 A6DC 7152 E0F6 5B76
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