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To: <gentoo-trustees@g.o>
From: "drobbins" <drobbins@g.o>
Subject: RE: store and foundation..
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 10:19:00 -0700
> I don't buy into the idea that someone else has caused you to feel like
> you can not be open with the Foundation, especially when you've been
> working through that person inpaticular for the most part.  I haven't
> seen anything from you or heard from you in private, if there has been a
> problem that you feel was stopping you from being open with us, you
> could have made the effort to either let us know or work around that
> person.  I'm not making excuses for Kurt here, but the claim that you
> make of him having a conflict of interest in this situation is offensive
> to me as I know Kurt, so I can't imagine how he must feel about it.  If
> there really is something along those lines, you need to spell it out
> right now instead of going around causing rumors about that.  Remember,
> "OPEN" communication here, please.


If it's offensive to you, then talk to the other trustees about it. Probably
best to use the secret, private trustees alias where most of the trustee
communication goes on these days. Sheesh. Open communication? Are you sure
about that? I have not seen any. I am not Dr. Phil so I'll avoid jumping
into the middle of this communication issue. It's not my responsibility or
place to fix it. Now that you know that the problem exists, you can try to
fix it if you want.

I am also not going to rehash the various issues between me and Kurt here as
it would not help move anything forward. If you are not aware of them then
you have not been paying attention. I'd like to put them behind me but they
continue to reappear as part of a pattern that resurfaces again and again
and again. I do not want to debate whether this is "reality" or just "my
impression" as it would lead to another fruitless debate with Kurt. So I
will settle for saying that it's my clear impression that there is a pattern
here that continues surfacing even when I try to put past issues behind us.

I was working with Kurt because he controls infrastructure, he controls
adverstising, and from personal experience I know that nothing happens in
these areas at all unless Kurt is OK with it. That is just standard
operating procedure on this project. Things that get his approval happen
very quickly, and things that don't get held up in discussion for months of
consensus-building, group-thought and over-analysis. Things happen easily
for friends of his, but do not happen easily for others. Whether or not that
is reality (I do not want to start another debate about that,) this is the
very real impression I have of how this project operates, both when I was on
this project and after I resigned. For what it's worth, I am also *not the
only person* with this impression. There are other Gentoo developers who
have reached this impression independently, though their own independent
personal experiences. They have posted to Gentoo-dev about it. This should
not be news to you.

The thing I am comfortable saying without touching on intra-trustee issues
-- I'm not comfortable giving Kurt information because it gives him
additional things to discuss for months and months to hold up important
decisions. If you have not experienced this, then be glad you're his friend!
It's not nearly as pleasant for those of us who aren't.

I hope I have been "open" enough without "opening" up additional cans of
worms. I'm also hoping that we're able to make the transition from worms to
gummi worms at some point in the future.



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