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To: <gentoo-trustees@g.o>
From: "drobbins" <drobbins@g.o>
Subject: RE: store and foundation..
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 16:47:13 -0700
Hi Corey,

I'll try to answer your questions best I can.

I did have a contract through Boeing back in June. One of my jobs was to
undermine another contractor; I couldn't go along with that so that didn't
last very long.

I don't really see a contradiction between me wanting the store to provide
for me as well as for the foundation. A successful store will do both. I
think that in the past, we have underutilized the store (not offering enough
interesting products) because I have been busy looking for other work. My
mother is currently volunteering her time to ship out all orders while I do
customer service. This is working well -- we are getting orders out on time
and my mother enjoys helping. So it's more than a full-time job. What this
means, is that if I "found a job", the store would cease to operate. And
ignoring all the garbage going on recently, I do enjoy running the store.

As for numbers, I do agree with you. Part of the problem is that I *have*
been looking for other work, so I have been distracted from really properly
running the store. In the last couple of months, I have been working
full-time on making the store better, and I think the results are showing.
Part of the thing I have not caught up on yet is the numbers issue. What I
think is fair is giving a running monthly total of how the store is
benefiting Gentoo, in $ set aside for the foundation, legal bills paid, etc.
The new products are there to make the store work for everyone, and in time
they will help everyone.

I agree about starting a new slate. I want to be in much closer and open
communication with the trustees, but due to issues I have had and continue
to have with Kurt I feel that this is giving information to an enemy, and
thus hesitant to do it. There are many more details that you are not aware
of regarding this situation and Kurt which I do not want to go into, other
than say that there is probably a conflict of interest in him being involved
in any store discussions. It is a huge mess that is really impacting my
ability to be friendly with the trustees as a group, and I wish it would
stop. I will just say that I think it's also the responsibility of the
trustees (not me) to address any conflict of interest or bad dealings on the
part of other trustees that they are aware of, and not doing so hurts
everyone and makes Gentoo an ugly place to be. And I think that's sad. I
hope the trustees who know what I am talking about will consider how they
can address the situation.

So right now I am prevented from being as open as I wish I could with the
trustees as a group. I am sure you sense that. This is not a situation I
caused, nor a situation I like. I know you guys don't like it either, but
the question is whether you don't like it enough to actually do something
about it. I can't.



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Corey Shields [mailto:cshields@g.o]
> Sent: Friday, November 19, 2004 11:23 AM
> To: gentoo-trustees@g.o
> Subject: [gentoo-trustees] store and foundation..
> <disclaimer> I scratched the first draft of this, as I don't want to
> sound like I'm coming off trying to hurt feelings or anything..  not my
> intent </disclaimer>
> I see a few problems with this whole situation.  First of all, I was
> shocked to hear that Daniel is using the store as his full time
> employment (back in June we were told he found a job).  In his best
> interest, finding a job should be a top priority, even if the store
> takes a back seat.  I don't feel that the Gentoo store could provide
> enough income for a family (let alone the fact that the store is hosted
> and run on hardware/bandwidth that is University owned, I don't know how
> they would feel about that).  On top of that, I don't feel that the
> Gentoo store -should- be used as primary income for a family, it places
> too much stress on the operator and too much tension between the store
> and the Foundation.  Anyway, we've been here before, Daniel needs to do
> what is best for his family.
> Daniel is taking "financial risks" to keep the store going because sales
> are dropping.  On the other hand he wants to provide more to the
> foundation.  Those two points pull in different directions, and it just
> doesn't seem right.  I would need to see a budget plan to feel more
> comfortable about this, because past experience has said otherwise.
> There seems to be a lot of distance between the Store and the
> Foundation.  Personally, I feel like there is a lack of information on
> our end as to what the store is doing (financially, offerings, you name
> it).  For instance, this is the first time I have heard of the DVD
> offerings, and we hear about the store helping out whenever there is
> another legal bill popping up, and we've been able to get a gig of ram
> for the CVS server.   I guess the biggest part of the problem is that
> there are expectations of the Store helping out the Foundation, and the
> Foundation hardly sees that, so it seems like the expectation of help is
> not being met.  Is that really the case?  Probably not.  We all know
> there have been legal fees with the NFP filing.  But we don't know how
> much that was, or how long it took the store to make the money for them.
> What I would like to see, in order to try and shorten the distance
> between the Store and the Foundation, is more open communication about
> the financial dealings of the store.  ie: budgets, expense and income
> reports, etc on a regular (monthly?) basis..  Personally, I'd feel less
> distant from the store if I knew what the income was last month, how
> much of that came to the foundation and how (was it legal fees?  server
> ram? or did it go to our bank account?).  If I feel less distant from
> the store, and more of a part of it, then I'm more likely to go out of
> my way to support it.  Daniel, would this be possible?
> As for the "support" that the foundation shows the store through the
> website ads, that's petty.  We could argue all day who gets more support
> and who gives more support, and it almost becomes a matter of personal
> opinion (for me, I don't look for a graphic ad for the store, I go to
> the link at the top of the page that says "Store".  we don't provide
> that to any other sponsor, etc..).  Why don't we cut out the text under
> the ads, which would bring them all closer to the top?  In most cases
> the text says what the ad does anyway.  I don't mind GWN, Forum
> announcements, etc of new offerings from the store..   Kurt?
> The point in my mind is that if I knew that the foundation was
> benefitting $xxxx a month from the store, and I could see that, then
> I'll be the first to jump on there and promote it when sales start to
> slip, because that is our job to help fund Gentoo.
> Anyway, the bank account should be setup soon, let's get some money in
> there, a new paypal link, and start a new slate with some more open
> communications between the Store and Foundation.
> Cheers,
> -C
> --
> Corey Shields
> Gentoo Linux Infrastructure Team and Devrel Team
> Gentoo Foundation Board of Trustees
> --
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