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To: <gentoo-trustees@g.o>
From: "Daniel Robbins" <drobbins@g.o>
Subject: Losing access to
Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 10:39:43 -0600
Hi guys,

My login access to has been silently revoked twice in the
last week, without any courtesy email before either revocation. Please
restore my access again -- I need to be able to log in to manage my
spamassassin rules. 

It's unfortunate that I even have to ask this, but please don't revoke any
access again, until I am informed of _and_ approve of access being dropped.
This goes for my email access/account, as well as my access to I do not need cvs read or write access, so you can revoke

I hate to even consider doing this, but it may be necessary to set up a
contract between the NFP and me that guarantees, in writing, that I have
continued access to my email address,, etc. It's really
unfortunate that this kind of thing is even necessary. It also will make the
transition to the NFP more time consuming for all of us. 

I am trying to find a job, run the store, start work on the O'Reilly book,
and continue the NFP transition effort. I am still working 6 days a week.
Having to send emails like this, as well as having to continue to pop on to
irc in order to track people down to fix these issues is also an
unproductive use of my time.

Please be respectful of my time and _please_ allow me to help _you_ as
efficiently as I possibly can. You can do this by ensuring that I do not
continue to hit unnecessary and unwarranted roadblocks like this in the



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Re: Losing access to
-- Kurt Lieber
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