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From: Philipp Riegger <lists@...>
Subject: Re: student application/ideas for SoC 2008
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 22:43:07 +0200
On Sun, 2008-03-30 at 18:37 +0200, Vit Vomacko wrote:
> My name is Víťa Vomáčko (maybe  some  letters  are strange to you:), 21 
> years  old,  from Czech Republic

Nice. I'm from germany, but i have some friends in Czech Republic. I've
been on a trip to Prag, Brno and Vsetin last month.

> I have some ideas, based on José Alberto's, Philipp Riegger's and mine, 
> as a newcomer (may not be suitable for project, may be too long term ). 
> So please tell me what seems to be good and what is totally rubbish:D
>     * bug fixing (less bug, will report; cdrtools collision, a lot of
>       bugs opened)

This is great. I've been looking for a new bug fixing release for a long
long time.

>     * wrap,router board enhancements ( i will have direct access to it)

This sounds great. I'm looking forward to hearing from you, i've always
wanted one of these toys!

>     * glsa checks for your overlay (to be sure, that there is now
>       critical security bug in your gnap devices)
>     * overall upgrade of gnap core (new snapshot, gnap core..., move to
>       gnap 2.1 release and continue)
>     * interactive setup ( to be even easier to use for beginners,
>       answers some questions and build what is needed)

I was always thinking about stabilizing the non-interactive part more,
but i'm looking forward to hearing your ideas.

>     * CLI (inspired by vyatta project, would be nice to share code,
>       provides great management ability) and web interface for basic
>       changes (networking, firmware upgrades) (definitely try to use 
>       and edit code from other similar projects, use existing frameworks)

Do you know Mikroconf, which has been written for last years SoC? It's
not included anywhere, i think, but it sounds promising. Flexible
modular design,...

>     * unionfs, support (I know that second guy would like to work on it)

With this you mean: / on squashfs, writable with unionfs and some local

>     * live formware upgrade

Ca you elaborate on this? Are you talking about the whole image, only
applications on it, upgreade with or without downtime?

>     * use new catalyst (don't know exactly problems connected to it)

Mostly, that portage has to be newer than the one in the current
seedstage shipped with gnap 2.0.

>     * extensions installation made easier (maybe to have basic
>       extensions available on the internet and automatically get them)

Prebuilt, or config files? Well, for routerboards and maybe x86 prebuilt
could make sense.

>     * look at cross compiling ( I have some experience, so know that its
>       difficult, so sth.that could be done in shorter terms)

That's what i did not have when i tried it last year. I would really
like to read your suggestions on this.

>     * work on selected issues from Phillips's ideas (
>       )
> Definitely I'd like to continue after SoC finishes. SO since tomorrow is 
> deadline:( try to comment it asap, I will be very happy of your comments.

I was out for the weekend, so i could not comment sooner. And BaSS
(Jose) seems to be not that responsive at the moment. Anyway, i hope you
apply and i hope they take you and i hope, i can help you in any way.
>From what you wrote about your experience, this is unlikely. :-)


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Re: student application/ideas for SoC 2008
-- Vit Vomacko
student application/ideas for SoC 2008
-- Vit Vomacko
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