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Subject: RE: [gentoo-accessibility] 2004.2
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2004 12:30:17
Hi deedra,
Okay, sorry i should have included complete information in my original
query.  I have since googled a bit and d/l'ed the tgz from the speakup site
and read the readme.  The program itself is dtload.  It is included in the
speakup sources.  It is an optional driver for the dectalk pc, and according
to the speakup mailing list (may 04) it works with the dectalk pc2 as well,
but files have to be replaced which come from DEC (the boards "firmware"
files).  So, with all that said, I presume I can get there from here with
gentoo, i'll just need to use my external dectalk express long enough to
compile the additional driver as a module and replace the default files with
the equivilents for the pc2.  

So, now with all that said, does 2004.2 have speakup built-in?  Is there
anything I should watch out for when compiling mmy own kernel?  I assume
there's still not an ebuild for a kernel with speakup in it, or is there?

The compile shouldn't be too horrible, after all it will be a minimal system
for use as a router/firewall.  It's also not my normal system so if I have
to leave it in a corner compiling for a few days, that's no big deal (except
for thunderstorms, ain't summer great?).  I won't want much on it to begin
with and I may remove most of that so that if it gets hacked they won't have
much to work with.  In fact i'll probably use a stripped down busybox for
the shell and remove everything from /bin and /sbin that I can and have the
system still function.  As long as I can mount, I can always put the tools I
need on cd since I will have physical access.




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