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From: "Mirabella
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Subject: [gentoo-accessibility] orca and gnome.
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 07:14:54
Hi All.

I am looking at various distros and trying to find one that offers a
good range of accessibility support for both the console and X.  Ubuntu
seems to have made a lot of progress in X, but has (at the moment) lost
a bit of momentum re the console.  So have a lot of other distros due to
all sorts of reasons relating to the kernel etc.  But I do recall really
liking Gentoo when I tried it out last year (releases 2006.1).  SO was
wondering where things were at re accessibility support in Gentoo.

e.g. I have been trying out a Ubuntu 7.10 Live CD and installation, and
find that the default system seems to provide gnome with Orca which
works pretty well all things considered.  I also understand this is the
case with Debian unstable once packages are updated.
SO I was wondering if anyone has managed to get a Gentoo installation up
to the point of running Orca in Gnome, and if so, have you been able to
do it with a minimum of fuss  (e.g. something like emerge orca and it
just works?).



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