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From: Jayson Smith <ratguy@×××××××××.net>
To: gentoo-accessibility@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-accessibility] Off-topic, PHP problem
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 02:36:06
Message-Id: 002501c71bf6$57f30e80$
First, please excuse me for this completely off-topic message.  For some
reason I can't get on the gentoo-user list where this belongs, I sent a
blank message to gentoo-users-subscribe@g.o and have not gotten a
reply.  If people want to reply, you are free to do it privately so as not
to clog up this list!  With that out of the way...
I've been using PHP version 4.  Last night during a normal
"emerge -av --nospinner -u world" Mysql got updated to version 5, which
messed up Apache, Postfix and Pure-ftpd.  Actually Apache itself wasn't
messed up, but Mod_PHP was since it couldn't load the Mysql library any
more.  It's clear to me that all I really need to do is recompile mod_php
but there isn't an Ebuild for it any more!  I also have not been able to
find it available for download.  I upgraded to PHP 5 by unmerging the
existing mod_php then emerging php.  This works as far as Apache2 is
concerned, but not as far as a PHP form generator I use is concerned.  This
form is a contact form for my website and isn't working properly under PHP5
for some reason.  So what I'm wondering is, if I download and reinstall
PHP4, will that give me my Mod_php I need for Apache?  I don't seem to be
able to emerge PHP4, can't find ebuilds.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, and once again, I'm sorry for the
off-topic message!

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