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Subject: RE: [gentoo-accessibility] rfc: Accessibility on our release media
Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 22:13:07
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In Reply to: [gentoo-accessibility] rfc: Accessibility on our release media by William Hubbs
Two words. Common sense. Linux by its very nature is designed to be easily
accessible, most especially in its command line interface. Since Gentoo's
instalation process is most if not all command line, that alone should be
the perfect reasoning for including it. Simply put, if Ubuntu can do it with
Gnome, there's absolutely no reason why Gentoo can't do it with command line
aside from the fact we don't want to. And that, honestly, is not good

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Subject: [gentoo-accessibility] rfc: Accessibility on our release media

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I need some opinions about accessibility on our release media.

I am requesting that we add the following to all of our release media for
amd64 and x86:

app-accessibility/espeak (with portaudio in use so it supports alsa)
app-accessibility/espeakup app-accessibility/speakup [alsa support]

This is needed so that a blind person can independently install gentoo linux
using either hardware or software speech.

Agaffney is stating that he doesn't want to add this support to the minimal
cd because it will increase the size of the cd and it is not required to do
an install.  He is willing to put it on the live cd.  I think it should go
there as well as go on the minimal.  I'm not comfortable, however, with it
just going on the live cd since the live cds are not built near as often as
the minimal cds.

I understand his point about keeping the minimal cd small, but I disagree
about the software not being required to do an install.  If a blind person
wants to install gentoo from a minimal cd, the software is a requirement,
not an extra feature that would be nice to have.

My question for the group is, how do you feel about speech software being on
our minimal cd as well as our live cd?


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