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From: Cleverson <clever92000@×××××××××.br>
To: Gentoo-Accessibility Mailing List <gentoo-accessibility@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-accessibility] Is any installer accessible?
Date: Sun, 04 Oct 2009 15:24:44

Does Speakup support the dialog based installer in the live DVD? I guess 
it doesn't support the GTK-based installer, but noone mentioned whether 
we must perform the installation using the traditional commands, as if 
in the minimal CD.

also, both the x86 Handbook and the 2008.0 handbook are not up to date 
for 2010.0.

In case the installer is not accessible, I guess there's no reason to 
use the live CD rather than the minimal CD, unless you don't have an 
Internet connection, of course. Is it right?



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