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From: "Cláudio Valente" <cvalente@×××××××.pt>
To: gentoo-admin@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-admin] PAM and login problems
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 13:17:17
I can't emerge pam

this is the output I get:

Knoppix pam # emerge pam
Calculating dependencies ...done!
>>> emerge (1 of 1) sys-libs/pam-0.75-r10 to /
/usr/sbin/ /dev/null: Permission denied /usr/sbin/ /dev/null: Permission denied
>>> md5 ;-) Linux-PAM-0.75.tar.gz >>> md5 ;-) pam-0.75-r10-gentoo.tbz2
/usr/sbin/ /dev/null: Permission denied /usr/sbin/ /dev/null: Permission denied
>>> Unpacking source... >>> Unpacking Linux-PAM-0.75.tar.gz >>> Unpacking pam-0.75-r10-gentoo.tbz2
/usr/sbin/ einfo: command not found /usr/sbin/ einfo: command not found /usr/sbin/ /dev/null: Permission denied !!! ERROR: sys-libs/pam-0.75-r10 failed. !!! Function src_unpack, Line -91, Exitcode 1 !!! Failed Patch: pam-0.75-mdkconf.patch.bz2! all these problems started after an emerge -u world since I have unmerged pam and pam-login I can't login to my system prior to this, after pressing return at the user prompt I got an ld_config error and got back to the prompt. any ideas? Thank you in advance CV -- gentoo-admin@g.o mailing list