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From: hat@×××××××××××.ru
To: gentoo-admin@g.o
Subject: [Gentoo-admin] rsync access to the cvs sources
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 12:39:37
This is the log of my recent conversation with drobbins on IRC.

<nus> cvs [update aborted]: connect to
      failed: Connection refused. Do you have any idea what' going on?
<kibosh> yes, we're no longer offering anoncvs
<kibosh> it was too much of a resource drain.
<nus> but gentoo-src is only 7MB, why?
<nus> so many people interested in the build system? :-/
<kibosh> cvs is a resource hog
<nus> any other means to get at the sources? is there an rsync server
      with them?
<kibosh> we need to get them on sourceforge so it doesn't drain *our*
<kibosh> our single server just can't handle it.
<kibosh> and we have very limited bandwidth.
<nus> well, there seem to be some rsync servers across the world already
      offering the distro, why not push sources through them?
<kibosh> could be do-able.
<kibosh> post your request to gentoo-admin@g.o

So, could that please be arranged?