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From: mirror-maintainer@×××××××××××××.net
To: Colin Morey <peitolm@g.o>
Cc: admin@g.o, st_lim@×××××.net
Subject: [Gentoo-admin] Re: Removal of requested.
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 06:39:06
In Reply to: [Gentoo-admin] Removal of requested. by Colin Morey
On 2 Oct 2002, Colin Morey wrote:

> Hiyas, > Someone calling themselves "st_lim@×××××.net (Lim Swee Tat)" posted a > bug on the gentoo bugzilla system (Bug#:8601) asking for the above rsync > mirror to be removed. Is this a valid request for removal, or can we > ignore it? > If it is a valid request, then could you kindly reply and maintain the > CC: of the admin@g.o email address. > Thanks for your support for the Gentoo Linux community
Hiya. I think what Swee Tat means is that the file "" should be removed from my mirror. Background: I touch a file by that name within the destination area when I start a mirror run for all sites that I mirror, in order that users have some way of telling that the current state of my mirror may not entirely be in a consistent and correct state. The file is removed when the scheduled mirror job is finished. As I don't personally use gentoo, I haven't been aware whether adding this file would cause problems to gentoo users. Since this file causes problems, I'll amend my mirror script so that it doesn't create this file. If my understanding isn't correct, please do tell me what the problem is, and what I should do to fix it. Thanks for the feedback. Pui Yong