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From: Damon Conway <kabau@g.o>
To: admin@g.o
Subject: Re: [Gentoo-admin] Rsync minimum connection limits
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 11:10:43
In Reply to: Re: [Gentoo-admin] Rsync minimum connection limits by Damon Conway
So does you guys have any thoughts or opinions on this subject?


On Sun, Aug 18, 2002 at 08:08:44PM -0500, Damon Conway wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 19, 2002 at 12:22:38AM +0100, Colin Morey wrote: > > Do we have a defined number of minimum connections a server should > > allow? or are we basing on an had hoc basis, based upon transit and > > availability as well? > > That is an excellent question, and one I've yet to find a good answer > for. It is my opinion that we cannot afford to be too picky when > someone offers their services to us, but it also doesn't help to have > servers out there that can't perform. Unfortunatly, I've been too busy > with life to give this matter much thought. > > The way I see it, we have three basic requirements for rsync mirrors. > > 1. Enough available bandwidth to serve a substantial amount of data. > > 2. Accurate and timely data. > > 3. Sufficient number of simultaneous logins to allow enough people to > actually use the mirror. > > I would suggest that the mirror have at least a T1 of available > bandwidth. It doesn't have to dedicate the entire T1 to rsync > mirroring, but if all they have is ISDN, DSL, or cable, then they aren't > going to be pleased with rsync using all of their bandwidth. I would > suggest a minimum 128kb/s of available bandwidth for rsync bandwidth on > a mirror. This number would be better at 256kb/s, but 128kb/s should be > usable. > > Some method needs to be developed for making sure that mirrors are updated > in a timely fashion, and have accurate copies of the master. There have > been several reports of out-of-date and bad data on mirrors. Right now, > we have people updating their mirror every 30 minutes on the 0 and 30. > This will quickly become inadequate if we continue to grow our number of > mirrors. Keeping an infrastructure like this healthy as it grows will > probably be the biggest task this admin team will face. I have lots of > ideas on this, but they can wait until we get some basic parameters down > for mirrors. Right now, it should be sufficient to develop an automated > system that checks for inaccurate and out of sync mirrors. > > The third item seems to be the big point everyone is interested in, and > in my opinion the least of our worries. However, I'm tired of hearing > people whine about it so I've given it some thought. This ties into > item one since the more people you have using a server, the more > bandwidth you need. I think we should have ratios of bandwidth to > max concurrent users. Maybe 5 users for every 128kb/s of available > bandwidth. Basically, to determine these numbers we need to determine > the average user's rsync transfer, and come up with an average sustained > data rate for an rsync transfer. > > Now, these are just my opinions. What do y'all think? > > Damon/kabau > > > _______________________________________________ > Gentoo-admin mailing list > Gentoo-admin@g.o >


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