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From: "Lech Pańkowski" <×××××.com>
To: gentoo-admin@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-admin] Old Gentoo upgrade
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2013 08:48:44
1 Hello,
2 I was asked to upgrade a Gentoo server. It probably was not updated
3 for a few years. There is 10.0 profile with portage After
4 every 'emerge' there is a suggestion to upgrade to 13.0 profile.
5 I am fairly novice to Gentoo, and this server is constantly being used (e-mail).
7 First I started with:
8 # emerge --sync
9 # emerge -1av sys-apps/portage
10 There was a message:
11 emerge: there are no ebuilds to satisfy "dev-lang/python:2.7".
12 dependency required by "sys-apps/portage-2.2.7" [ebuild]) (dependency
13 required by "portage" {argument])".
15 Supposing that my installation is too old to upgrade that way I
16 decided to follow strictly method described at
19 Stage3 was downloaded from
21 Unfortunately, after the last command from this guide:
22 # ROOT=/mnt/host emerge -1v portage
23 there are many messages such as:
25 !!! Section 'gentoo' in repos.conf has location attribute set to
26 nonexistent directory: '/usr/portage'
27 !!! Section 'x-portage' in repos.conf has location attribute set to
28 nonexistent directory: '/usr/portage'
29 !!! Invalid Repository Location (not a dir): '/usr/portage'
30 ....
31 !!! /etc/portage/make.profile is not a symlink and will probably
32 prevent most merges.
33 !!! It should point into a profile within /usr/portage/profiles/
35 I felt completly lost. I found repos.config only in
36 /mnt/build/usr/share/portage/config, but there is no 'x-portage'
37 section.
39 Is there something wrong with this guide?
40 May I ask for any hint what to do next, and more generally - how to do
41 the upgrade in the safest possible way?
43 English is a foreign language for me, so please forgive my language
44 mistakes (if any).
46 Every remark will be highly appreciated.
47 With many thanks in advance,
48 Leszek Pankowski


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