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Subject: [gentoo-admin] arkeia crash on gentoo clients
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 16:48:39
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I run Arkeia 5.0.14 clients (IA32 Intel, Glibc 2.2) on Gentoo
(glibc 2.2.5) servers.
Also running on the clients is the Arkeia mysqlplugin. (5.0.14)

Configuration is standard.

If i use the network navigator (xarkeia) i can browse all clients
without problems, sometimes a client dies _after_ the access with the
network navigator. It seems that if the arkeia server trys to connect
the clients the arkeiad process crash. I also tested it without having
the mysql plugin running, same situation.

To install the mysql plugin i had to link
/usr/lib/ -> /usr/lib/
after that navigation in mysql wasnt a problem.

This behavior I only have on the gentoo clients, no problems at redhat
clients (RH 6.2)

Any suggestion what i should do ?

Ludwig Ruderstaller

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