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From: Colin Morey <peitolm@g.o>
To: Edward TLS <Edward.TLS@×××××××.NL>
Cc: admin@g.o
Subject: Re: [Gentoo-admin] how can i set up an FTP mirror >
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 02:53:37
In Reply to: [Gentoo-admin] how can i set up an FTP mirror > by Edward Tjin Liep Shie
On Thu, 2002-09-12 at 08:31, Edward Tjin Liep Shie wrote:
> Hi,
HIyas, sorry for the delay in getting back to you,
> On your website i c that u have some mirrors > There was no Mirror in The Netherlands.. > Tiscali NL /DEV departmant is using gentoo on there workstations and they asked me if i can ask u if we can set up an mirror in the Nethelands > > We have a fast ftp mirror ( connected @ 100 Mbit and Tiscali NL is connected at the AMS-IX 3x 1000Mbit ) running on a Ultra Sparc 380 Gb > > If u can let me know how big the mirror is and if we can make a mirror in The Netherlands... >
At the moment i don't have the size of the mirror at my fingertips :), the main distribution site is ibiblio(, and can be found at
> I want to uce rsync to make the mirror..
I don't know if ibiblio is available over rsync, but most ftp clients can intelligently handle mirroring. If you'd like to make the mirror public, can you send the following details to admin@g.o, Servers canocial name, Servers Main Ip address, When you mirror, where you mirror from, Contact details, hours of contact. thanks, Colin Morey, AkA Peitolm@g.o,