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Subject: RE: [gentoo-admin] about gentoo and compiling
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2003 18:30:00
I don't know how long a bootstrap on an XP1800+ should take, but I think 3
hours is reasonable, depending on your internet connection.

As for installing other packages, that is due to your USE variable settings.
'X' and 'gnome' are set by default in /etc/make.profile/make.defaults.  What
this means is that if X or gnome support is available in a package, you want
it turned on.  Naturally, this doesn't make much sense unless X or gnome are
installed, so portage installs them as well.

This is why you should always run emerge with the --pretend flag first.  If
you see some packages getting installed that you don't want, you can then
edit your /etc/make.conf file and disable those flags before running emerge
for real.  In your case, adding "USE=-X -gnome" to your /etc/make.conf
would've prevented X and gnome from being installed.

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Subject: [gentoo-admin] about gentoo and compiling

Hi all,

I have two question about gentoo:

I read this in an install howto: The bootstrap takes about 1 hour even 
on a fast machine... My bootsrap takes about 3 houn on Athlon 
XP1800+ Is that good? I think it too long. It compiles mc about half a 

I choose gentoo becouse I think I can choose, what i want to install. 
If I install mc (emerge app-misc/mc ), why does it install Xserver, 
Xfree86 etc. And for icewm why does it emerge gnome stuffs?
How can I owerride it?
I have a "new, just installed" system, with mc and icewm. it is about 
1Gb. Why? 


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