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From: Nick Jones <carpaski@g.o>
To: admin@g.o, gentoo-core@g.o
Subject: [Gentoo-admin] Forums & gcc 3.2
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 03:44:56
There is some really bad directions about how to upgrade to
gcc 3.2 floating around on forums... Especially:

GCC 3.2 is here: Now is the time to rebuild everything. How?

It's 6 pages of mostly wrong information. Anyone following the
early comments is looking for a headache or complete reinstall.

The first three comments all talk about moving the profile symlink
and 'emerge -e world' -- Which probably will fail. If you read the
ENTIRE thing you can find decent info, but none of it is contiguous
or obvious in the order.

My scripts are up at
and Seemant has 'RoadRunner' on IRC making docs about the process.
If someone would at least curtail the mis-information, it would
be beneficial to all parties involved...

Rough Process In Brief:
1. emerge rsync
2. emerge portage
3. emerge rsync
4. emerge -c
5. USE="-* build bootstrap" emerge -e binutils gcc
6. emerge -c
7. USE="bootstrap" emerge -e gcc pam-login
8. emerge -c
That is _almost_ decent. It still leaves all C++ apps broken.
If you want to go the CPU intensive route... 'emerge -e world'
should fix it, otherwise you have to find an remerge all libs
and bins that are broken.

I recommend the scripts... They are painless.