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From: Edward Tjin Liep Shie <Edward.TLS@×××××××.NL>
To: admin@g.o
Subject: [ Re: [Gentoo-admin] how can i set up an FTP mirror >]
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 03:21:54

I just spoke to Colin Morey, he told me to send this info if i wanted to make the first EU gentoo mirror public
Here the info is..
If u need anny more plz.. let me know..

----- Forwarded message from Colin Morey <peitolm@g.o> -----

If you'd like to make the mirror public, can you send the following
details to admin@g.o,

Contry				: The Netherlands
Servers canocial name, 		:
Servers Main Ip address,	:
When you mirror,		: MET 01:00
where you mirror from,		:
Contact details, 		: Edward.tls@×××××××.nl	+31 653 949063
hours of contact.		: MET from 08:00-05:00

----- End forwarded message -----

With kind regards,

Edward Tjin Liep Shie <__> Unix SysAdmin <__> <Edward.TLS@×××××××.NL>
Tiscali Benelux, Office: +31-30-248-3500 Cell: +31-6-53949063