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From: mathewt@××××××.com
To: gentoo-alpha@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-alpha] As2000 update
Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2005 02:12:09
Hello all,

I had posted a few weeks back requesting help with installing
on a AS/2000 and had promised to get back with how it went

this is how I did it, there are probably mistakes/ better ways
of doing this, I would be interested in hearing any comments

to recap, I could boot the system wiht 1.4 CD, but not with the
2005.0 one. Since I was not sure if I could use a 2005.0 stage
after booting with 1.4 kernel/glibc etc., I used stage 2 from
1.4 to install the basic packages. the gentoo documentation
was a great help here

after getting a current portage snapshot and linking to 2005.0/2.4
profile, emerge (from 1.4) would fail with message
>> update type "slot move" not recognized
after much trial and error, linking to default-alpha-2004.0 allowed emerge to go forward but with a whole bunch of warnings/ errors. this allowed update to portage, python and I coudl link to 2005.0/2.4 and emerge would go forward after manually putting in a world file (it helped to have a x86 gentoo system for reference to figure out file locations etc. here) initially I was using the CD to boot and then chrooting, and then I just copied over the kernel/initrd/modules from the 1.4 CD and used that as the entry in aboot.conf. compiling a current kernel was a challenge since each new try could go over 2 hours, before I eventually reduced the kernel config ot a minimum (this has only 128M) and still get it to boot once that hurdle was over, updating the system was the next step. here the problem was that random segmentation faults would happen and the emerge would stop in between. eventually over many retries most of the system was updated and there was a binutils update and glibc update. trying to ugrade these actually led to more frequent errors. one approach that worked better here (for me) was to use "ebuild xyz.ebuild compile install qmerge" which updated the pkg with fewer faults (typically) one issue possibly was that I had -mcpu=ev45 in the CFLAGS since /proc/cpuinfo gave cpu as ev45. changing it to ev5 seemed to have improved the random failures repeating the process eventually got most of the pkgs compiled with the new binutils and am now trying to redo binutils/gcc/glibc to make sure that is stable. assuming that goes fine, next step would be to move to 2.6 kernel few points that I noted on the way gcc-3.3.2-r7 seem to ignore the -fortan USE flag and installs g77 anyway glibc update, when it went through fully and started to remove the build directory it caused filesystem issues and gave messages such as "journal aborted" etc and next reboot forced an fsck which needed manual intervention to clean up the system (ext3). I haven't tried with features="keepwork" to see if this can be avoided thanks for reading this far, all comments are appreciated best regards, Mathew -- gentoo-alpha@g.o mailing list