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From: mathewt@××××××.com
To: gentoo-alpha@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-alpha] 2.6 kernel on Alpha ?
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 20:00:17
Hello All,

I have a couple of questions regarding 2.6 kernels for Alpha
and also gcc-3.4.4-r1

I have an AS 2000 4/233 running on Gentoo, 2.4.30 SMP-kernel.
Things work fine except I cannot use all the hardware (DAC960).
any case, I was trying to move to 2.6 series kernel (vanilla
sources as picked up by portage)

I am able to compile and boot a UP kernel, but I continuously
get these messages on screen during boot and later in the
system logs

[kernel] sd 0:0:0:0: M_REJECT to send for : 1-2-3-1.

seems to come from the SCSI SYM53C8XX_2 driver which handles the
Symbios 53c810 controller chip. I am using these settings in
the kernel config
(I tried using IOMAPPED and different DMA modes and number of TAGs
also, but the message still shows up)

in 2.4.30, the driver version is sym-2.1.17a and it works fine
(without any of these REJECT messages), while, the
driver version is 2.2.x I believe.

does anyone on the list know of an issue which could cause this ?
is the REJECT message a cause for concern ? (system seem to work
fine as before)

also, I have udev, though I have not disabled/removed devfs since
I was not sure if 2.6 is ready for this HW yet

BTW, SMP kernel does not boot. the system goes into a kernel panic
along with machine check and invalid FP emulation instruction etc.

Can 2.6 SMP work on gentoo alpha ? (or only on the newer models ?)

I also see that gcc-3.4.4-r1 is marked stable. can that be used for
kernel, glibc, etc. or its only for specific packages ? (I see that
its slotted)

thanks for any comments, pointers or experiences that you could share

thanks, Mathew

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