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From: "Måns Rullgård" <mans@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-alpha@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-alpha] Re: radeon questions
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2014 22:22:36
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-alpha] radeon questions by Don Wilburn
1 Don Wilburn <bodhisattva@×××××.com> writes:
3 > Thanks for your replies. Building the radeon driver into the kernel
4 > seems to work, but trying to make it a module does not (for me
5 > anyway).
6 > It makes me wonder if nouveau could work in a similar fashion.
8 Try and find out. :)
10 > My X crashes were hardware problems. The early DEC Personal
11 > Workstation has a DMA problem with its 64-bit PCI slots.
13 Yes, the older ones have a problem where a bus-master DMA transfer
14 crosses a page boundary may get corrupted. The more recent SRM versions
15 include a whitelist of known-good devices, and will refuse to boot if an
16 unknown card is found in an affected slot (though there is an override).
17 The slots behind the PCI-PCI bridge have DMA transactions split on page
18 boundaries anyway, so those are not affected.
20 > Some well-behaved cards work fine, apparently. This Visiontek card
21 > doesn't make that list. This is the first time I've had objective
22 > proof. Switching to a 32-bit PCI slot fixed my crashes. Once I found
23 > out those 64-bit slots were ordinary PCI. there was no reason to put
24 > the vido card there anyway. If they were PCI-X (not express), I could
25 > have gotten a 66MHz bus at least, but mine are fixed at 33. Boo hoo.
26 >
27 > My PNY GeForce 5200 did not cause problems in the bad slot. Maybe the
28 > nv driver is too timid to cause a similar problem. Maybe the hardware
29 > is less troublesome. The question is moot.
30 >
31 > I let X default to my 17" non-widescreen LCD monitor's 1280x1024 and
32 > 24-bit color. My first successful start of glxgears yielded about
33 > 60fps. I'm happy just to see those gears turn at all.
35 60fps could simply be the vertical refresh rate.
37 --
38 Måns Rullgård
39 mans@×××××.com


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