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Subject: Re: [gentoo-alpha] 2.6 kernel on Alpha ?
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 02:53:13
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> Hello All, > > I have a couple of questions regarding 2.6 kernels for Alpha > and also gcc-3.4.4-r1 > > I have an AS 2000 4/233 running on Gentoo, 2.4.30 SMP-kernel. > Things work fine except I cannot use all the hardware (DAC960). > any case, I was trying to move to 2.6 series kernel (vanilla > sources as picked up by portage) >
DAC960 issue: Under the 2.4 kernel there is a simple fix for the DAC960. The OEM version of the DAC960 (Called a SWXCR) from DEC used a slightly different firmware release. The standard linux DAC960 driver doesn't recognize these firmware revisions as valid and hangs. A simple patch of the DAC960 driver corrects this problem. I've submitted it as a bug in the 2.4 gentoo kernels in the past and it has been patched for the liveCD. The 2.6 kernel revision of this driver didn't have this problem. Brian Parkhurst
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