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From: Marnix Arnold <mxa@××××××.nl>
To: gentoo-alpha@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-alpha] updating firmware, installing gentoo on alpha, etc.
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 08:04:57
Message-Id: 5377.
In Reply to: [gentoo-alpha] updating firmware, installing gentoo on alpha, etc. by Alex Deucher
Hi Alex,

> - I'd like mess around with xorg on alpha. I'm running srm 6.7-2 and > it won't post my pci radeon rv250, so for the time being I have an old > s3 virge in there. does anyone have any experience with the newer srm > (7.2) and radeon cards? I've heard arc/alphabios is better at posting > video cards. Is there any truth to that? Also I seem to recall > having read somewhere that milo or aboot will also post video cards if > srm can't. Is this true?
I have an XLT-300 which only has Alphabios (no SRM). So far I have used it only with an S3 768 card and a Matrox Millenium II, both worked fine, but only if I seated the card in the first PCI slot. I have no experience with newer video cards.
>From what I've read, people who have the choice generally prefer to use
SRM, since Milo (the Alphabios boot loader) is not very well supported anymore. I had a very hard time finding a Milo that would boot 2.4 kernels on my XLT. I haven't been able to boot kernels above 2.4.21 (alpha-sources) at all on my XLT, even though they compile just fine.
> - stage 1/2 vs 3. have much of an improvement can I expect with ev5 > binaries vs ev4? is it worth the extra time to do a stage 1/2 build?
If I were you, I'd go for a stage 3 installation first, you can always redo the installation after you've played with it for a while and are confident that everything works. I did a stage 1 myself, it took many hours... I don't know how much improvement you'll get with ev5 over ev4. If you are keen to get the most out of your alpha and feel adventurous, use CCC (Compaq C Compiler):
> - how is 2.6.x kernel support on alpha?
The gentoo-dev-sources and development-sources ebuilds are marked ~alpha: Unfortunately, my XLT refuses to boot any of those kernels... Marnix. -- gentoo-alpha@g.o mailing list