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From: Jay Maynard <jmaynard@××××××××.cx>
To: gentoo-alpha@l.g.o
Cc: johnm@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-alpha] alpha-sources: obsolete in a 2.6 world?
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 02:13:07
1 I'm looking at the Alpha source patch tarball that alpha-sources pulls in,
2 and comparing the functions they provide with the ones in the 2.6.4 kernel
3 as supplied by gentoo-dev-sources (which will migrate to gentoo-sources
4 whenever it's sufficiently wrung out). It looks like some, but not quite
5 all, of it is obsolete:
7 06_grsecurity: This patch adds the grsecurity configuration selections. This
8 appears to have been included via the 2.6 security options selection,
9 although it doens't appear as complete.
11 0[789]_xfs: These patches add XFS and XFS quota support. This appears to
12 have been completely included in 2.6.
14 60_usagi: I'm not sure what this does beyond providing IPv6 support. There
15 is IPv6 in the 2.6 kernel, with options for tunneling, privacy, IPSec AH and
16 ESP, and IPComp.
18 80_patch_int: This patch adds the CryptoAPI. This appears to have been
19 completely included in 2.6.
21 81_loop_jari: I think this patch adds cryptographic loopback filesystem
22 support. There are two kernel configurations that provide this function,
23 Cryptoloop (which uses CryptoAPI), and Compressloop. I'm not sure what the
24 difference is.
26 86_super_freeswan: This one provides enhanced FreeS/WAN IPSec. It's more
27 complete, apparently, than the IPSec support built into the 2.6 kernel by
28 default, but I'm not 100% sure about that.
30 90_sysctl_uac: This one is not present in 2.6. Has the patch been submitted
31 to the kernel guys at all? It seems too useful to leave out.
33 There's also 4 patches that aren't part of the tarball, but get applied to
34 correct various vulnerabilities; I assume those have all been taken care of
35 in 2.6.4. (They're the do_brk(), mremap(), RTC, and munmap vulnerabilities.)
37 Finally, there's one fix to a multiline literal in an Alpha-specific
38 assembler header file, referenced in bug 38354. It appears to have been
39 fixed in 2.6.4.
41 I'd like to see the gentoo-sources kernel become the default for Alpha, but
42 I also don't want to disenfranchise anyone who's using the features the
43 alpha-sources 2.4.21 kernel has. The sysctl_uac patch can now be applied
44 only during a build for Alpha, via a feature added to the kernel-2 eclass.
45 The others aren't Alpha specific, so they can either be included or left out
46 independdently of the architecture being installed.
48 Do we have a feel for how many folks out there are using the full
49 grsecurity, or the complete SuperFreeS/WAN, or USAGI? Is it something we
50 should push to have included in the Gentoo kernel by default?
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