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Subject: [gentoo-alpha] Assistance urgently needed with libraries
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 13:42:16
Message-Id: 71650A6F73F1D411BE8000805F65E3CB3B36CE@SRV-03
I have managed to seriously cripple my install in the final moments of
production deployment. Mental note: never copy the entire contents of
/etc/apache2 from one machine to another- it contains symlinks to /usr/lib.

What I need most urgently is glibc and pthreads put back together. My
current working plan is to build binary packages for the current versions of
those two libraries, boot from the livecd and unpack the files on my
production install. After that, I can rebuild what I need. I'll need to
prepare some disks and install a secondary compile environment to do this,
so this will not be ready until much later today.

If someone has the means, I would be greatly thankful if someone could build
those two libraries as binaries for Alpha and get me jump-started on this. 

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