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From: Marc Giger <gigerstyle@×××.ch>
To: gentoo-alpha@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-alpha] Linux 2.4.22, grsec, xfs, acl and compile fixes
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2003 17:18:13
Hi again:-)

For those who are interested, here are the links to kernel patches which
I made.

In detail:

The following patch is a big one because there was some conflicts
between the single ones. I had to apply a lot of failed chunks manually
and hope that it's done right:-)

- xfs snapshot for 2.4.22 dated 10.10.03
- grsecurity for 2.4.22 V 1.9.12
- acl for 2.4.22 V 0.8.64
- compile fix for the crypto module in 2.4.22

Compile fix for include/asm-alpha/xor.h (not included in the previous

The separate crypto-patch:

A working kernel config:

Thats it.

Don't forget those patches are NOT extensively tested together!

Have a lot of fun



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