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From: "Jean-Sébastien Guay" <jean_seb@×××××××××.ca>
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Subject: [gentoo-alpha] Gentoo Alpha questions
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2004 15:09:03
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1 Hello,
3 I am thinking of moving from Debian to Gentoo on my home server, which
4 is an Alpha XL-366 (xlt milo image). The machine currently runs Apache2,
5 ssh, fetchmail and procmail with spamassassin and clamav to filter
6 unwanted mails, a simple firewall script (iptables, with nat and
7 masquerading for my networked machines, can be found at
8 and acts as a file server
9 using Samba. I have a few questions to ask of people who have been using
10 Gentoo on Alpha for a while.
12 1. I heard that the fact that you can compile everything for your
13 machine type, with all the necessary optimisations, makes a nice
14 difference in system speed. How true is it? Can someone with a similar
15 setup to my own comment on that? I'm especially hoping that Perl will
16 see a nice speedup, since I do lots of Perl coding in my free time, and
17 spamassassin is written in Perl too and currently takes about 3-5
18 seconds per message.
20 2. Will the transition from Debian to Gentoo be painful? I'm especially
21 worried about getting everything to work the same as it did on Debian as
22 fast as possible. As you can see above, the whole home network depends
23 on this machine...
25 3. Also, how do you think the transition from apt to portage will be?
26 I'm wondering if it's similar to apt, in the sense that you can download
27 updates (new versions) to currently installed software and install them
28 automatically (compiling as needed, I guess).
30 Thanks in advance,
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