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Subject: RE: [gentoo-alpha] boot issues
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 17:44:01
Message-Id: 71650A6F73F1D411BE8000805F65E3CB3B36F4@SRV-03
>> I have a linux md raid-5 root partition. > >Why oh why?
Was actually much nicer than when I last looked at Linux sw-raid, back in the .50 days. Why the trepidation?
>> I'm guessing the kernel will be too large to get onto a floppy. Perhaps
>> most direct solution would be to modify the livecd image to be my boot >> media. > >Did you get this figured out? I'm curious what you did.
I'm dumb. I was thinking the needed to be on the floppy for aboot to work. I just made an ext2 boot floppy with aboot on it, built most everything as modules, and configured aboot to pass root=/dev/md0 as a kernel parameters and it took right off. All that needs to be on the floppy is the aboot boot block, loader, aboot.conf and kernel. No ramdisk needed. -- gentoo-alpha@g.o mailing list


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