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From: Jay Maynard <jmaynard@××××××××.cx>
To: gentoo-alpha@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-alpha] Gentoo Alpha questions
Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2004 21:56:14
In Reply to: RE: [gentoo-alpha] Gentoo Alpha questions by "Jean-Sébastien Guay"
1 On Sat, Mar 06, 2004 at 03:16:38PM -0500, Jean-S?bastien Guay wrote:
2 > > Which LiveCD?
3 > The Gentoo-alpha LiveCD, as found at <any gentoo
4 > mirror>/experimental/alpha/livecd/
6 Try the test version LiveCD you'll find at
7 . You'll
8 still need to boot MILO from a floppy to run it, but it at least has the
9 legacy start address option which MILO needs defined. There are also
10 corresponding stage tarballs at stage[123]-alpha-20040225.tar.bz2 in the
11 same directory.
13 > > In general, you will not be able to boot from a Gentoo LiveCD directly
14 > > with ARC/AlphaBIOS. You'll have to use MILO from a floppy. I don't
15 > > believe it's possible to make a CD bootable for both SRM and ARC.
16 > Ok, that's what I tought from my experience with Debian. So what is the
17 > preferred installation method then? Start from a separate partition of
18 > my existing Debian installation?
20 If your Debian installation is running a 2.4 kernel, that will work fine.
21 Otherwise, you need to build MILO on a floppy for your platform, boot it
22 from ARC, then use the MILO command line to boot the kernel off the CD. Look
23 at the /etc/aboot.conf file on the CD for the options you need to pass to
24 the kernel. It's been long enough since I've booted with MILO that I can't
25 be a lot more specific than that.
27 > > I did have to do
28 > > ACCEPT_KEYWORDS='~alpha' emerge <package>
29 > > several times, but I won't have to do that again, because Aron was good
30 > > enoguh to mark everything I installed and am running as stable in
31 > > response to my bug reports. :-)
32 > Err, what does that mean? Sorry for being a neophyte, but
33 > "ACCEPT_KEYWORDS='~alpha' emerge <package>" doesn't mean anything to
34 > me... :-)
36 The command you use to install a package on Gentoo is "emerge <package>". By
37 default, unless you've altered the /etc/make.conf file as the install doc
38 mentions, you'll only install those versions of packages, and those
39 packages, that are marked as stable. Unstable or untested packages are
40 marked with a leading ~ on the name of the architecture. Adding
41 "ACCEPT_KEYWORDS='~alpha'" (without the "") at the beginning of the command
42 passes the ACCEPT_KEYWORDS environment variable to the emerge program, and
43 setting that value to ~alpha tells emerge to consider unstable versions of
44 the packages to be installed when deciding what to install.
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