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Subject: [gentoo-alt] Crossdev in a prefix / bug 384167
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2013 10:18:03
Message-Id: 00ac01ce65c3$c02102a0$406307e0$
I have crossdev starting to work in a prefix, via an overlay.  So far, I
have x86_64-pc-linux-gnu->i686-pc-linux-gnu[-multilib] working, and I seem
to be making good progress towards my intermediate objective,


I'll need to sort through my overlay and figure out exactly what bits are
essential to making crossdev work, and, for that matter, whether certain
changes serve any purpose at all...  Anyhow the good news is, there aren't a
ton of major changes involved.


The bad news is, the changes I do have are spread out across multiple
projects.  I'm wondering, how should I share this stuff?  Possibilities are:


o bug 384167

o multiple bugzilla bugs

o Post patches here or to gentoo-dev@×××××.go

o Put overlay on  github

o ?


Is there much interest in this?  If so, I suspect I can cook up an overlay,
get feedback, and thereby achieve a higher S/N on bugzilla contributions
down the line.  If nobody is likely to spend any time looking at an overlay*
then I'd be more inclined, I guess, to just go the multiple-bugs route.





*The thing I hate about overlays, for purposes of interacting with gentoo
developers, is their lack of direct VCS connectivity, which, as gentoo-alt
contributors are surely all-to-aware, makes it quite annoying to determine
the exact deltas between the overlay and the upstream PORTDIR it overrides.
I do have some pretty effective scripts for mitigating this (partially
derived from gentoo-alt's scripts for the same purpose), but they are
embarrassingly poorly coded and, as a consequence, painfully slow to run.
maybe I should just fix the damn scripts and publish those first  : )


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