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From: Al <oss.elmar@××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-alt@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-alt] Stating officially with Cygwin
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2010 10:47:05
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-alt] Stating officially with Cygwin by Markus Duft
1 > on interix, a missing or wrong interpreter is not handled correctly, and
2 > thus leads to crashes without appropriate error messages. i'm really
3 > glad portage now checks for those ;)
4 >
6 If bootstrapping dies with dozends of packages for no other reason
7 than invalid shebangs, and if nobody fixes them even in the
8 fundamental packages, doesn't this mean, that nobody tries to bootsrap
9 at all any more? With the exeption of mine.
11 Nobody could bootstrap without either fixing all this packages or
12 commenting out the call to die. What I want to say is, that I see some
13 danger that the Prefix projekt kills itself by this blocker. People
14 don't get started at all.
16 > interix is more like a real unix than cygwin; it uses symlinks, etc.
17 > also, it does _not_ use PATH to search for libraries, but has propper
18 > support for rpath, etc.
19 >
20 > additionally the x86-winnt profiles, which i started, use the parity
21 > compiler for windows [1], which adds support for rpath, lazy loading,
22 > unix like shared library building, libtool support, etc, etc. so even on
23 > windows, there is not need for PATH hacks, and such.
24 >
26 The parity compiler sounds very ambitious and I am curious. On the
27 other hands I also see the advantages in Microsofts PATH approach.
28 Dynamic libraries doen't depend on a special path any more and can be
29 moved around. All you have to do, is to adapt the PATH variable to the
30 new location. That makes your programs more portable.
32 Fortunatly you can do the some on Unix by use of LD_LIBRARY_PATH. However:
34 <quote>
35 The primary disadvantage of using RPATH is that it overrides the
36 LD_LIBRARY_PATH settings which makes things like running a precompiled
37 binary out of a user's home directory or some other non-default
38 location difficult or impossible. Use of RPATH also makes it
39 difficult, if not impossible, to upgrade libraries without forcing a
40 reinstallation of all the software dependent on (even the older
41 versions of) the libraries.
42 </quote>
44 What I am pondering on, is a relative RPATH, relative to the prefix
45 path. By this the Prefix installation as a whole could still be moved
46 around without breaking. You could run a precompiled PREFIX
47 installation out of different user's home directories.
49 >
50 > P.S.: i built cygwin support into parity - would be curious if (after i
51 > fixed the portage prefix-chaining patch, which is a prerequisite)
52 > x86-winnt profiles would work unmodified on cygwin.
53 >
55 If you want to reach that goal you will reach it. Cygwin isn't
56 difficult. There are a few cases when the .exe magic gets into your
57 way, but they are usually easy to fix.
59 Specially you need the Cygwin patch for coreutils to reflect the .exe
60 magic and that patch conflicts with the interix-warn-mount.patch.
62 Al


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