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From: Heiko Przybyl <zuxez@××××××××××××.de>
To: gentoo-alt@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-alt] xvid on x86-macos?
Date: Tue, 03 Mar 2009 08:14:09
In Reply to: [gentoo-alt] xvid on x86-macos? by Johan Hattne
Umm, sorry for the late response but to me it looks like a local  
issue, since I am able to compile and merge xvid on x86-macos (10.5.6).

 >> genlop -t xvid | grep -A 1 1.2.1
     Sat Feb 28 17:33:09 2009 >>> media-libs/xvid-1.2.1
       merge time: 37 seconds.

Anyway, what is you host os version -- Tiger by chance? And the  
corresponding error message would be nice to have (judging from the  
patch I'd say missing _SC_NPROCESSORS_CONF).

About the patch: I would like to see the "#elif  
defined(_SC_NPROCESSORS_CONF)" case in front of the self-coded one  
(i.e. right after the _WIN32 case like before), since it's the xvid- 
default and working on 10.5.

  -- Heiko

On 28 Feb 2009, at 07:34, Johan Hattne wrote:

> Am I the only one who cannot compile xvid on x86-macos? Maybe > upstream has fixed it already (I haven't checked), but I need a > patch sort of like the attached to make any progress. > > // Cheers; Johan > > <xvid-1.2.1-ncpu.patch>


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