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From: Michael Haubenwallner <haubi@g.o>
To: gentoo-alt@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-alt] Time has come, or: a story of success
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2020 19:02:09
1 Dear Gentoo Prefix folks!
4 It was a great pleasure to grow up Gentoo Prefix with you, yet for me
5 the time has come to leave. Thank you so much for a great experience!
7 A story of success:
8 Back in 2004, at work, for a number of 3 packages I have been requested to
9 realize some mechanism to compile+install them together into some custom
10 filesystem location as normal (non-root) user on the proprietary Unix
11 platforms AIX (ppc), HP-UX (hppa, ia64) and Solaris (sparc, x86).
12 So I invented some package installer, using GNU make to resolve dependencies
13 and parallelize the build, with Bourne Shell files to define the package
14 metadata, dependencies and compilation commands.
16 By the time, the list of packages I had to define in my installer grew up
17 and started to include things like GCC and some FOSS libraries.
19 Around the same time, a colleague told me about Gentoo Linux to be a really
20 cool distro, and I migrated away from Debian as a Linux user.
22 But it took me another ~2 years to realize that my invented package format
23 really is based on the very same ideas as the Gentoo ebuild format...
26 Here, multiple great Thanks! to Fabian (grobian) Groffen, fortunately a Gentoo
27 developer by that time already, for:
28 * Understanding the goal behind my initial Portage patch I submitted to install
29 packages into some custom filesystem location as a normal user,
30 * Recognizing at all that a Portage patch has been submitted,
31 * Creating the Prefix project within the Gentoo ecosystem as sub-project of
32 the already existing gentoo-alt (Gentoo on Alternative Platforms) project,
33 * Providing non-Gentoo resources to run the Prefix project,
34 * Leading the Prefix project for a really long time,
35 * Mentoring myself to become a Gentoo developer as well,
36 * Drinking some beer together at FOSDEM a few times,
37 * a lot more
39 Also, great Thanks! to all the (current and former) Prefix developers, namely
40 Benda (heroxbd) XU for leading Prefix these days, as well as Gentoo developers
41 for supporting or at least accepting Prefix in general.
44 Within the company, I have released forks of Gentoo Prefix in 2010 and 2015,
45 with some help of Markus (mduft) Duft to build packages necessary for our
46 application as native Windows binaries using the MSVC compiler, with the
47 driving Portage instance running in a Prefix instance on Cygwin.
49 Using one Prefix instance (having build deps) to manage another one (without
50 build deps) is known as Prefix-Stack these days, and supported to a great
51 degree by EAPI 7.
53 In 2019, I did hand over to a team of 3 colleagues, and they succeeded in
54 releasing our fork of Prefix in 2020 on their own already. They actually
55 intend to show up with some patches in the Prefix community, but as it's
56 not their main task, this may eventually be delayed until some 2025 release.
58 For myself, a month after FOSDEM'20 I have switched my work focus onto the
59 Java world, but still I'm really proud to see the Prefix baby live on it's
60 own, exploring the world in a way I never could imagine!
62 While I have to see whether I can remain active enough to keep my status
63 as Gentoo developer, I'm definitively inactive as Prefix developer now.
65 So long, thank you for a great experience, it was a really good time!
67 All the best,
68 /haubi/


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