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From: Fabian Groffen <grobian@g.o>
To: gentoo-alt@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-alt] [PREFIX] OpenSolaris is working
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 08:09:01
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-alt] [PREFIX] OpenSolaris is working by Matt Michalowski
On 13-06-2008 15:00:53 +1000, Matt Michalowski wrote:
> Nice - haven't personally tested the new snapshot, but I was able to > bootstrap on OpenSolaris 2008.05 the other day using my own snapshot. > Just for an experiment, I unmasked GCC 4.3.1 at the very beginning and > was able to bootstrap and emerge the entire system using GCC 4.3.1 (as > well as GCC 4.2.4)
I couldn't use GCC 4.3.1 because it needs gmp, and the bootstrap instructions use --nodeps at this point, so I decided to go with 4.2.4, even though I was tempted to unleash 4.3.1.
> My OpenSolaris install was very "clean" and I only installed SUNWgcc and > SUNWgmake (+ dependencies) from the repository.
Hmmm, I just did a standard install, so got gcc and gmake by default.
> If anyone else is interested, here is a couple of deviations from the > Solaris 10 bootstrap doc I had to perform: > - "emerge --oneshot --nodeps =sys-devel/m4-1.4.10-r3" before emerging > flex in CL 1.8 (perhaps the upstream flex ebuild should depend on m4 - > or would they not bother because m4 is assumed to be a system package?)
Hmmm, I didn't need that, perhaps because your system was very clean.
> - "emerge --oneshot --nodeps bison" before emerging GCC
Probably the same reason
> - when testing a bootstrap again with just GCC 4.3.1 I also emerged gmp > and mpfr before gcc
Sounds logical as they are dependencies. Thanks! -- Fabian Groffen Gentoo on a different level -- gentoo-alt@l.g.o mailing list