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From: Michael Haubenwallner <haubi@g.o>
To: gentoo-alt@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-alt] Patch for openssl config script -- but not really
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2010 06:45:55
In Reply to: [gentoo-alt] Patch for openssl config script -- but not really by Perry Smith
On 12/23/10 01:37, Perry Smith wrote:
> When my bootstrap process was trying to build openssl-1.0.0c, I got stuck at: > > WARNING! If you wish to build 64-bit kit, then you have to > invoke './Configure aix64-cc' *manually*. > You have ~5 seconds to press Ctrl-C to abort > > The tty was set with -icanon but I believe the problem is the config script says '#! /bin/sh'. > On AIX, /bin/sh is actually ksh and ksh mucks with the tty settings between commands.
I've not seen such problems since I do </dev/null. Does it help to redirect stdin from /dev/null for you too?
> I changed it to use /bin/bsh directly (see below). > This could work but I'm a Gentoo Portage Prefix moron so when I started the bootstrap back up, > it re-fetched the openssl package and spoiled my fun. > I ended up gently killing the youngest copy of sh from another window and that caused things to get rolling again. > This may be something to do with my ksh set up too. > I don't use ksh but I might have it set so it defaults to emacs mode rather than vi mode. > In any case, the script needs to avoid using ksh (on AIX at least).
Anyway, nice hint, thank you! /haubi/ -- Michael Haubenwallner Gentoo on a different level


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